Printer Cartridge Recycling
for a Charity of Your Choice

As the UK’s largest recycler of inkjet cartridges, we collect and recycle over 8 million cartridges each year.

With over 200 cartridges eligible for a charitable donation of up to £1.00 per cartridge on our recycling scheme. We currently work with over 50 charitable organisations and have raised over £4 million since 2004.

Benefits of the Programme

  • Reduces the amount of single use plastic, aluminium and steel sent to landfill
  • Conserves natural resources by reducing the need for new energy to manufacture new printer cartridges
  • An effective way to earn extra cash for your business or school

Why Not Become a Collection
Point For Recycling?

  • Sign up and register using our simple online form and order your free recycling box.
  • Click here to download your marketing materials from our online portal
  • Get creative and get recycling

How it works

Sign Up

Check your cartridges* are eligible for recycling from our eligible cartridge list. Sign up and register using our simple online form and order your free recycling box.

Post It

When your recycling box is full** simply, take it to your local post office to return your empty cartridges for recycling.

Get Paid

Get paid, once the returned cartridge have been processed we will make the donation to the charity of your choice.

* Please note we are unable to accept any laser toner cartridges for recycling ** A full box is a minimum of 50 cartridges

Which Cartridges Do You Recycle?

Please note only certain cartridges qualify for a donation and we cannot take all cartridges in for recycling. Please make sure you have checked your cartridges with our eligibility checker before sending them in. We cannot accept damaged cartridges.

Become a Charity Partner Today

If you are looking to work with an enthusiastic and proactive partner, then look no further than The Recycling Factory. Our portfolio of charity partners and the longevity of our relationships is a testament to the quality of service that we deliver. We ensure that the same dedication, passion and quality of service is delivered to all of our charitable partners – regardless of their size.

To discover the benefits of a partnership with us and start recycling today:

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