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We can experience high volumes of calls at certain times of the day, so to save you time why not check out our list of FAQs?

What does The Recycling Factory do?

We collect and recycle inkjet cartridges through our various collection schemes. We process all items on-site and do not commit to landfill. Any items that we are unable to recycle are broken down so that the items can be disposed of ethically.

Why do you offer recycling schemes?

Millions of cartridges are simply thrown away each year. Some of these items contain hazardous materials that can take years to decompose and have a negative affect our environment. By collecting and recycling these materials, we can stop them going to landfill and help save the environment.

Why should I recycle?

By recycling your empty cartridges, you too could be helping the environment. If you are interested in recycling your inkjet cartridges, you can raise additional revenue for yourself or help raise vital funds for a charity of your choice.

How can I set up a recycling scheme?

If you only have a few inkjet cartridges that are suitable for recycling, you can download a freepost label from our charity partner pages to help raise funds for your chosen charity.

Alternatively, if you wish to recycle for cash, you can sign up as a web user for a free recycling account, where you will receive your own downloadable freepost label to attach to your own packaging.

Please ensure that you have checked that your items are on our recycling list, before sending them to us (see FAQ below). The maximum weight for our labels is 1kg. If you wish to recycle in large volumes please email for further information, detailing which recycling scheme you would like to join. We can also offer a free courier collection.

Do you take all cartridges?

Unfortunately, we are unable to take all cartridges. As we have a zero landfill policy, it is essential that the inkjet cartridges you send us are those which are on our recycling lists. If you are an individual recycling for cash you will need to check against the list of recyclable inkjet cartridges as to whether or not your items have any value.

If you are interested in recycling for charity, please check our individual charity pages for details of the inkjet cartridges we can recycle. If you are interested in recycling toner cartridges, please email with a list of the makes and models you wish to recycle. Please note that our recycling lists are updated on or around the 1st of each month.

Do you recycle toner cartridges?

We can recycle some original toner cartridges; however before arranging a free collection we need to know the makes and models of the toner cartridges that you wish to recycle. Please email us at with your list and we will get back to you should we be able to take these items. We are unable to make a donation to charity for toners recycled.

Can anyone recycle?

We are a charity. How can we join your recycling scheme?
To set up a recycling scheme for your charity, simply email us at with your charity number and contact details, and a member of the recycling team will be in touch.
We are a school. How can we join your recycling scheme?
Please visit our dedicated Recycling for Schools website at where you will find further information and can sign up online.

Does it cost anything for me to recycle?

We offer a zero cost recycling service. Our labels are freepost and our courier collections are completely free of charge.

Do you provide recycling boxes?

In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, we now ask that customers wishing to recycle in large volumes provide their own suitable container that can be sealed e.g. a cardboard box. We will provide you with a label to affix to your box so that your collection is completely trackable.

Do you provide freepost envelopes?

We no longer provide freepost envelopes for our charity and individual recycling schemes. If you are wishing to recycle for one of our charity partners, you can download a freepost label from our charity partner pages.

Alternatively, if you are an individual recycling for cash, you can download your own freepost label by logging into your account. The freepost labels can be affixed to your own envelope/package of inkjet cartridges, providing the weight does not exceed 1kg. Please ensure that you check your cartridge is eligible for collection prior to sending it to us.

I’m a Tesco customer. Do you run a recycling scheme for us?

Yes, we run a separate inkjet cartridge recycling scheme for Tesco customers, enabling you to earn green clubcard points for cartridges which are part of the Tesco listing of eligible cartridges. For each cartridge which can be successfully recycled, you can earn up to 125 points. Please click here for further information and to download a freepost label. You do not need to set up an account with us to recycle under this scheme.

Do you recycle mobile phones and gadgets?

No – the only items we recycle are inkjet and toner cartridges.

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Simply send us a message through our contact form. Please note we no longer supply charity freepost envelopes. To download a freepost label for your chosen charity click here

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