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The aims of the Trust are to improve the lives of those diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder and to promote a greater knowledge and understanding of autism. Founded on the principle of excellence through continual learning, the Trust aspires to provide the highest quality of education and lifelong learning possible.

Jigsaw Trust operates Jigsaw School as well as Jigsaw Plus – our adult’s service. Our school provides education for children aged 4 to 19 years; pupils work on individualised programmes designed around a broad and varied curriculum focusing on developing communication and life skills. At Jigsaw+ we offer bespoke flexible learning plans for adults aged 18+, the service supports clients to make positive, personal choices, enhancing their wellbeing, independence and social inclusion.

The importance of fundraising donations cannot be underestimated. Without them Jigsaw would not develop and expand to provide the range of resources and equipment that are so important for our pupils and clients. Facilities at our School and Adult’s Service which have been made possible thanks to fundraising donations include: the Sensory Room, Food Tech Room, Early Years Sensory Play Area and Library. Jigsaw relies on the generosity of the local community, businesses and our many fundraising events to help us expand and provide more support and resources to our pupils and clients.

Inkjet Cartridges

If you would like to recycle laser toner cartridges, please contact us on 0800 091 0696.

Please download your freepost label here by clicking on the image below.


Recycling in larger volumes
If you are looking to recycle in larger volumes i.e. quantities of 100 or more inkjet cartridges, or quantities of more than 20 laser toner cartridges, you must ensure that you check that your cartridges are accepted on the scheme.  If you have any questions about whether or not your items are eligible, please email The Recycling Factory Team at info@trf-uk.com.

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For more information on the Trust please visit: www.jigsawtrust.co.uk (http://www.jigsawtrust.co.uk) or for fundraising ideas please visit: http://jigsawschool.co.uk/events/categories/fundraising/ (http://jigsawschool.co.uk/events/categories/fundraising/)

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