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The Forest of Dean Children’s Opportunity Centre was formed in the early 1980’s when a Health Visitor working in the Coleford area recognised the need for support for families of pre school children with Special Needs. Since then, the charity has gone from strength to strength and in 1995 they successfully received a National Lottery grant to extend their premises in order to accommodate the wide range of support and services they offer to parents and carers.

The centre provides an informal meeting place for parents and professionals involved in the care of children who have diverse and complex special needs from birth to 7 years old. Their services are aimed at supporting the core of family life.

The Centre is committed to providing fully integrated sessions through Pre-school groups and a holiday play scheme.

The recycling scheme is completely free of charge and 100% of the value of all inkjet cartridges successfully recycled will be donated to this charity. There are certain cartridges which are eligible for the charity scheme, so please ensure that you check to see if yours is listed.

If your inkjet cartridge is listed and you would like to send it into us, please click on the freepost downloadable label below and affix to your own packaging. Please note that the freepost weight limit is 1kg; if you have multiple items and think that you may exceed this weight limit, you may have to split them into smaller packages.

Inkjet Cartridges

If you would like to recycle laser toner cartridges, please contact us via info@trf-uk.com.

Please download your freepost label here by clicking on the image below.

Interested in recycling in large volumes?

If you are looking to recycle in larger volumes i.e. quantities of 100 or more inkjet cartridges, or quantities of more than 20 laser toner cartridges, you must ensure that your cartridges are accepted on the scheme.  If you have any questions about whether or not your items are eligible, please email The Recycling Factory Team at info@trf-uk.com.

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